Dryer 25HP High Temp EDR-C2-116 (155 cfm)


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EDR High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers The EDR Series is designed to accept 23 to 129 SCFM of compressed air at temperatures up to 180°F. The integral ambient pre-cooler and water separator allows the compressed air to be dried to a 39°F Pressure Dewpoint which has a 33% lower moisture content than dryers with 50°F Pressure Dewpoint. The product series is designed for heavy duty industrial applications and decades of reliable operation. 39°F Pressure Dewpoint Delivers 33% Less Moisture Automatic & Thermostatic Expansion Valves Fully Hermetic Refrigeration Compressor Stainless Steel Refrigeration Gauges Refrigeration Suction Accumulators Built in Air Cooled Aftercooler Dual Point Moisture Separation Smart Design Timed Solenoid Condensate Drain Automatic Zero Loss Float Drains Fluid Displacement Zero Loss Drains Zero Loss Fluid Displacement Drains Zero Loss Displacement Drains 2-Year Product Warranty

Weight 275.000 lbs
Dimensions 29.00 × 22.00 × 42.00 in

Great Lakes


100 – 199 CFM


25 HP


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