This Warranty Statement and Acknowledgement supersedes any verbal or implied agreement. 

All American Air Compressors is a distributor and service center for manufacturers of compressed air equipment. We are a warranty center for many but not all manufacturers.  We are beholden to each manufacturer’s warranty policy and their exclusive decision on warranty claims.  Each manufacturer varies in their policy and stance on warranty claims.  It is the Buyer’s/Owner’s responsibility to understand the requirements for each product they purchase, and to comply with operating instructions, specifications, guidelines, maintenance and service instructions – or risk voiding their warranty.  All American Air Compressors and each manufacturer reserve the right to alter, change and update warranty policy and coverages without notice. 

Generally, “warranty” means a written guarantee issued to the purchaser of a product by the manufacturer which states that the product will be free from manufacturing defects for a certain period provided the equipment is installed, operated, repaired and maintained properly – in accordance with the instructions and guidance provided by the manufacturer.  Further, in the event a defect is discovered within a certain period of time, the manufacturer promises to repair or replace the product. 

Generally, the Buyer/Owner of the product must notify the manufacturer within thirty (30) days of discovering the defect during the applicable warranty period. Most manufacturers do not cover normal wearing parts such as check valves, belts, filters, tank drains, rubber gaskets and o-rings, minimum pressure valves, solenoids, float drains and other components. Check with the manufacturer regarding which items are covered and which are not. 

Many manufacturers mandate equipment be installed according to local, state, and federal code. It is the Buyer/Owner’s responsibility to ensure the product’s electrical requirements are met by the facility to which the product will be installed. Failure to ensure adequate, proper and reliable power to the product will void the warranty.   

Upon proper installation, the Buyer/Owner will need to ensure the product is registered with the manufacturer according to their requirements. Even with proper installation and registration, there are certain items most warranties do not cover. Those include but are not limited to: 

  1. Any costs to provide free and clear access to the product: It is the responsibility of the Buyer/Owner to provide free and clear access to the product so that warranty inspection and work can take place.
  2. Any costs to provide a reliable source of compressed air during a product’s down time: It is the responsibility of the Buyer/Owner to provide a source forback up compressed air should the product need to be down for any period during a warranty repair.
  3. Any labor costs associated with the removal or reinstallation of the product for warranty repair without the prior written consent of the manufacturer.
  4. Any repairs or alterations, and any costs related to repairs or alterations, made without written consent of the manufacturer: If repairs or alterations are attempted without the manufacturer’s prior written consent, they have no further warranty obligations.
  5. Damage or defects in the product caused by or related to neglect, accident, damage during transport, improper installation, abnormal voltage, improper use, improper handling, or improper maintenance/repairs.
  6. Damage or defects in the product caused by aviolation of rated operating conditions, internal or otherwise, or failure to store, install, maintain, and/or operate the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions, operating manuals, service manuals, drawings, and good engineering practices.
  7. Normal wear and tear.
  8. Defects or damage resulting from the use of parts or fluids not authorized by the manufacturer.
  9. The effects of chemical or abrasive action, excessively high and/or low ambient temperatures, or failure to resist the action of excessive temperatures, erosive or corrosive gases or liquids or the deposition of foreign material from such gases or liquids.


All American Air Compressors is not responsible for any warranty claim not covered by the manufacturer. Buyer/Owner will hold harmless All American Air Compressors from any claim either expressed or implied that is not directly covered by the manufacturer. 


Generally, manufacturers will note the items listed below as the Buyer/Owner’s responsibility and minimum requirements for use/operation: 

  • Read and understand the Owner’s Manual to ensure proper installation, operation, and maintenance of products.
  • Adhere to all safety regulations in the Owner’s Manual, local/state/federal requirements, as well as any safety labels or stickers affixed to the equipment.
  • Complete and submit the Registration Form within thirty (30) days of the initial use of the product.
  • Install the product in accordance with the Owner’s Manual and use industry best practices.
  • Operate the product within the design limitations identified in the Owner’s Manual shipped with the equipment. Design limitations include duty cycles, ambient temperatures, discharge pressures, application parameters, etc.
  • Maintain the product per the schedule in the Owner’s Manual, using only genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer’s parts and lubricants. Proof of purchase will be required when filing a claim.
  • Maintain a detailed log of all planned maintenance and repairs performed on the equipment, regardless of who performs the work. This documentation will be required when filing an extended warranty claim.


Generally, freight damage (hidden or visible) does not constitute a warranty and will not be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty policy.  It is the receiver’s responsibility to thoroughly inspect for damage prior to accepting the product from the carrier.