Dryer 15HP High Temp EDR-B2-116 (80 cfm)


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5-2-1 Product Warranty 5 – Year Warranty, covers SS heat exchangers. 2 – Year Warranty, covers all independent components omitting only maintenance items. 1 – Year Warranty, covers labor required to repair or replace warranty items. Made With Pride in the U.S.A. Great Lakes Air manufactures all of it’s compressed air dryers at one of it’s southeast, Michigan facilities. 39°F Pressure Dewpoints Deliver 33% Less Moisture A 39°F pressure dewpoint provides air that contains 33% less moisture than a 50°F pressure dewpoint. The EDR series can be rated for 39°F or 50°F pressure dewpoints. Environmental Refrigerants Great Lakes Air GTX series utilizes only non- ozone depleting Hydro- fluorocarbons or HFC refrigerants approved by the EPA and Montreal protocol. Models with fractional HP refrigeration compressors utilize R134A refrigerant. Smart Design Solenoid Drain Great Lakes Air uses only diaphragm solenoid valves for the electronic timed condensate drains. Diaphragm valves keep the main stream of condensate away from the internal moveable piston. Automatic & Thermostatic Expansion Valves The valves modulate refrigerant flow to match changing system requirements caused by ambient temperature fluxuations and or changing compressed air loads. Download Brochure link

Weight 185.000 lbs

50 – 99 CFM


15 HP


Great Lakes


Great Lakes


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