Walker 3/4″ Coalescing Element WFH75CE


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Commonly referred to as an after-filter because of their placement on the air line just after a desiccant air dryer, these Particulate Filter Assemblies capture the fine desiccant particles coming off the dryer before they can damage equipment or product batches down the line.

Each Walker Filtration filter assembly is designed with a unique ‘push on’ filter element, which reduces maintenance time and allows the filter to be located in the most confined places. Each is manufactured using die-cast aluminium housings for pressure ratings up to 232 psi. They are a proven success due to the inclusion of such features as differential pressure indicators which allow continuous monitoring of filter performance.

GRADE G (5 Micron / 5 ppm): General purpose, coalescing, and bulk contaminant removal; point-of-use.

GRADE P (1 Micron / 0.1 ppm): Pre-filtration to refrigerated dryer; higher efficiency, coalescing point-of-use (heatless desiccant dryer after-filter).


• Particulate Filter Assembly Includes Filter Element
• Particle Removal Rates: G Particulate: 5 Micron, P Particulate/Coalescing: 1 Micron
• Variable Flow Rate: 20 SCFM – 1500 SCFM
• Available Connection Sizes: 1/4″ to 3″ NPT threaded
• Replacement Particulate Filter Elements: Walker Filtration Particulate Filters

Weight 1.000 lbs
Dimensions 3.00 × 3.00 × 6.50 in





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