Service Request – Area 1 (1st Hour)


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Air Compressor Service Truck

By purchasing this Initial Service Request, All American Air will work diligently to schedule your appointment. Our dispatcher will contact you with a confirmation.

Disclaimers: For an Initial Service Request, All American Air Compressors will send one technician to your facility to discuss, review and attempt to trouble-shoot/diagnose any reported issue with your equipment. There is no guarantee of repair within this appointment (up to 1-hour of our technician’s time onsite). However, if further work or parts are needed our technician will discuss this with you or your representative. With this purchase, I hereby authorize All American Air Compressors to provide service, as normally rendered by an air compressor service and maintenance provider, to inspect, service, repair, install, remove, alter, improve, maintain, and render all other services within their, or their assigns, scope of practice. For warranty information I will review the equipment manufacturer’s literature. I will, by approving this work order authorization, commit to the financial responsibility of the work provided, and I will pay in full any and all invoices provided by the service provider in a timely manner. If any parts or service items are needed, they will be quoted in addition to this service request. Title to any merchandise sold shall remain the property of All American Air Compressor Co., Inc. until paid for in full. I understand that this service request may not be inclusive of all merchandise and/or work performed, and I commit to paying in full all future invoices for such merchandise and services. If any collection costs or attorney’s fees are incurred I/We agree to pay all such costs and fees including but not limited to monthly late fees of minimum $50.00 USD, and interest equal to at least 5% monthly of amount outstanding. Any and all disputes arising shall be governed in accordance with the laws of California, and be instituted in the Superior Court of Los Angeles county, California. I recognize, that by using the online customer portal and clicking “approved”, “submit”, “Buy”, “Purchase” or similar, or by using e-signature services such as Docusign, that I am bound by the same as if placing my signature as an approval. WARNING: COMPRESSORS START AUTOMATICALLY. DO NOT USE FOR BREATHING AIR. Buyer Agrees Seller is not responsible for consequential damages. Seller only assumes responsibility for repair or replacement of parts on products sold. Title to the above merchandise shall remain the property of All American Air Compressor Co., Inc. until paid for in full. Take out all necessary permits with building and safety regarding installation and yearly tank inspection! For warranties see equipment manufacturer literature.