Keltec 1″ Red Filter Housing w/ Flowmeter


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Keltec filters provide the highest level of clean, compressed air with a minimum loss of energy (pressure drop) through the selection of the appropriate grade of borosilicate microglass filtration media. When it comes to keeping compressed air clean and oil-free, no one fits the bill like KELTEC Technolab. KELTEC Technolab’s advanced line of coalescing filters for compressed air systems offers a rare blend of exceptional performance, proven reliability and uncommon value. The KELTEC Technolab compressed air filter product line covers a full range of products to handle virtually any flow rate and operating condition. Our array of high-efficiency coalescers, particulate/general purpose coalescers, and adsorptive carbon filters offers solutions to virtually all compressed air filtration applications.

Weight 6.180 lbs
Dimensions 5.00 × 5.50 × 19.00 in





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