From PIston to Rotary

Moving from one system to a new one can raise questions about what to expect next.

Pistons, as legendary as they are, have been limited in serving owners and managers of work shops and work sites with their energy consumption and deafening noise when running.

Most owners ask:

  • Will I need more servicing with a rotary?
  • Will I become dependent upon a specialized branded technician?
  • Will I ever end up without enough CFM output?

What if I told you it would be the opposite?

  • Less repairs than the average compressor brand
  • More dedicated attention
  • A competitive 5 year warranty
  • A 48-hour max. turn-around time if anything happens
  • Better performance, spending less energy (and money)
  • Less heat
  • …and quieter

We at All American Air Compressors, are excited for ELGi™ having raised the standard in commercial air compressors for owners and managers to upgrade your work and operations with the best-in-class of rotary air compressors.

ELGI EN Tank Mounted Lubricated Screw

Noise Level by Comparison

Elgi EN Noise Level chart
5 Year Warranty on Curtis Piston Compressor

Best Warranty in the Industry

Here’s where ELGi further removes risk, with the industry’s most comprehensive, worry-free assurance plan.

This includes…

five-year warranty on major parts

a six-year warranty on air ends

a 48-hour up-time pledge

Select from a variety of options.

Base Mount, Base w/ Tank, Base w/ Tank & Dryer.


Custom-Made Air Ends

Exclusive ELGi™ eta-V™ rotor profiles run with higher efficiency to deliver maximum performance. Few companies in the world have the expertise and ability to design and manufacture their own air ends. And nobody makes a more efficient or robust air end.

Zero Leaks

Our encapsulated design features internal ports
and O-ring sealed flanges for years of leak-free performance

Heavy-Duty Systems

Belt-driven NEMA Super E motors, complete with Class F insulation, reserve power and tensioning adjustments, run the EN Series. All electrical components are UL/cUL certified and designed to withstand severe atmospheric conditions.


Exclusive ELGi™ air ends encapsulate all major functions into a common frame, so there’s no threat of leaks or energy-robbing pressure drops. So you’ll save energy and reduce maintenance costs.

Integrated into the encapsulated air end are major components such as:

• Air filters
• Air intake valve
• Solenoid valve
• Air-oil separator tank
• Oil separator element
• Oil filter
• Safety valve
• Oil sight glass
• Minimum pressure valve
• Oil drain valve
• Thermostatic valve
• Blow down valve


UPTIME ™ warranty*

Every ELGi™ EN compressor is backed by our six-year warranty on air ends. Other key components carry a five-year warranty

48-hour parts availability

Parts availability shouldn’t be a limiting factor for your business. So we at All American Air Compressors stock high volumes of the most consumed ELGi™ parts. However, if we don’t have a specific part available, ELGi™ will ship it to you within 48 hours.

Competitive parts pricing

Genuine ELGi™ replacement parts and consumables (oil, filters) are key to protecting your EN Series compressor and ensuring maximum up-time. That’s why we offer them at competitively low prices.

Loaner machines*

If your compressor goes down, we’ll have it repaired within 48-hours or we’ll offer you the use of a loaner machine while yours is being repaired. *Subject to conditions

Elgi’s EN Series screw compressors are designed

to ensure longer service intervals and easy maintenance, reliable components from globally renowned vendors

  • Assumption 4000 hrs run per year at 75% load Power rate at 6 Cents per unit
  • Up to 80% savings on airends due to serviceable airends
  • 45% lower cost of spares & consumables
  • Philosophy of “repair first, replace only if must”


  • Food industry
  • CNC Machining
  • Cutting Tools Industry
  • Auto Garages
  • Non-Medical Air
  • Paper Industry

The Investment

25% below listed price!

5 Hp
$4221 - $5048
100 - 175 PSI
1 - 3 Phase Motor
208 - 460 Volts
Base only, or 60 gal tank & dryer
7.5 Hp
$4988 - $5883
100 - 175 PSI
1 - 3 Phase Motor
208 - 460 Volts
Base only, or 60 gal tank & dryer
10 Hp
$5602 - $8419
100 - 175 PSI
1 - 3 Phase Motor
208 - 460 Volts
Base only, or 60 gal tank & dryer
15 Hp
$7007 - $8419
100 - 175 PSI
1 - 3 Phase Motor
208 - 460 Volts
Base only, or 60 gal tank & dryer
up to 50 Hp
up to $17617
100 - 175 PSI
1 - 3 Phase Motor
Wye-Delta Starter
208 - 460 Volts
Base only

Payment options

You can’t afford to wait for new equipment.

Now you don’t have to.

Get the new equipment you need today…
…and pay for it over time.

100% Financing
Improve Cash Flow
Free up Lines of Credit
Tax Benefits – Section 179
Fixed Monthly Payments